How To Choose The Best Horse Knee Boots

The best horse knee boots are an essential part of travelling with your horse, especially if you have one who is restless in the trailer, or prone to knocks and falls. Knee boots, as the name suggests, cover the knees on the front legs to protect your horse’s knees from any damage during transport, and they can also be used if you are out and about riding on the roads.

Some knee boots can be used post injury, to protect the damaged area and prevent the injury getting any worse, while some are just used as a precaution.

Best Horse Knee Boot Reviews

Whatever the reason you are looking for the best horse knee boots, we have got you covered with three of the best products on the market today:


Horse Knee Boots


Professionals Choice Equine Knee Boot, Pair (Universal Size, Black)TOP PICK: Professional’s Choice Equine Knee Boot

Fantastic protection without adding too much bulk.

Back on Track 2-Piece 11.5 to 9.5-Inch Therapeutic Horse Knee Boots, MediumBack On Track Therapeutic Knee Boots

Great, protective and preventative boot.

Classic Equine Knee BootClassic Equine Knee Boot

A well designed, well made, value for money boot.


1. Professional’s Choice Equine Knee Boot Pair Review

Professionals Choice Equine Knee Boot, Pair (Universal Size, Black)

These are not called “professional’s choice” for nothing! Recommended by experts, these boots will protect one of your horse’s most important parts from knocks, bumps and bruises.


  • Sold as a pair – This may sound like a no brainer, but you may be surprised at the number of boots that are sold singly! Buying these boots as a pair means that you only need to make one order, and it will save you money.
  • Slimline boots so your horse is not carrying extra bulk – You want to be able to protect the knee, not wrap it in layers so thick that the knees rub together when he walks! These boots offer a great level of protection while being slim enough to be comfortable.
  • They stay up well – The last thing you need is to arrive at your destination and find that your horse’s knee boots have slipped off. These have good strong hook and loop fastening, keeping them in place.
  • Offers good knee support and protection – The idea is to prevent your horse’s knees from getting damaged in transit or in the stall. He can bump and bash with these ones on and you can guarantee he won’t take any damage.


  • Not suitable for use in the field – Although these are strong, sturdy boots, it is not recommended to turn your horse out in them, as with the vigorous movement of running around in the field they may slip down.


A great pair of knee boots which offer fantastic protection without adding too much bulk to your horse’s legs, these are a must for travelling or for those who are stable bound.


2. Back On Track Therapeutic Knee Boots Review

Back on Track 2-Piece 11.5 to 9.5-Inch Therapeutic Horse Knee Boots, Medium

This is a knee boot with added properties – it is not only great for travelling, but also for use following an injury.


  • Offers heat therapy to help heal injuries – Because of the innovative fabric used in its construction, this boot will help your horse recover from an injury to the knee much faster than with a standard pair of boots.
  • Contoured to the shape of the knee for easy fastening – The knee is a notoriously difficult area to strap up. These boots are fitted to the knee, with strong hook and loop fastening to keep them from slipping down.
  • Sold in pairs – It’s no good just buying one knee boot when your horse has two knees! These boots are sound in pairs for convenience and money saving.
  • Good for preventing injury as well as healing – These boots are strong, sturdy and tough, meaning that they can prevent your horse from damaging himself if he ever knocks his knees.


  • They are a bit pricey – Compared to some others on the market, these do carry a slightly bigger price tag. This is because of their added healing properties, making them an ideal buy for a horse with old or new injuries.


These boots have been reported to improve the leg joints even on horses who have a years-old injury. They are protective and preventative, and will make a good addition to your horse’s therapeutic wardrobe.


3. Classic Equine Knee Boot Review

Classic Equine Knee Boot

A great, fitted knee boot that has some impressive customers, this one is a trusted product that will really help you to protect your horse from knocks and bumps.


  • 100% neoprene construction with strong hook and look fastening – Neoprene is a sturdy, durable fabric that is ideal for use in any horse bandages. It is strong, water resistant as well as soft and comfortable to wear. The fastenings are solid, meaning that the boot shouldn’t slip.
  • Fitted specifically for the knee – Keeping bandages or boots on the knee can be tricky, as it is where the horse’s leg bends. This one is formed in a knee shape, meaning it shouldn’t slip down even if a fastening becomes loose.
  • Can be used whilst riding – Some knee boots are meant to be used on horses that are mostly stationary, but because of the shape of this one you can use it out and about too.
  • Tested and approved by well known riders – Todd Sommers, Don Murphy and Andrea Fappani use and love this product, which is a great recommendation!


  • Quite a bulky boot – Although it offers great protection, this boot is on the chunky side and may irritate the horse, especially if he’s wearing one on each side.


This is a well designed, well made boot that will protect your horse against any injuries or knocks while travelling, stabled, or even on the trail. It is designed to stay up well, and will help keep your best friend’s knees healthy and happy!



A good pair of knee boots can make the difference between a comfortable trailer journey and one that ends in injury, swelling, and having to withdraw from competition. You can find the best horse knee boots to protect his legs as well as help heal old injuries – so what are you waiting for? Pick a pair and order them today! If you are undecided on what your horse really needs, please have a look at our selection of magnetic boots and ice boots for horses.

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