Which Is The Best Horse Vacuum On The Market?

Are you bored of the endless brushing? Do you have a large herd that you need to keep clean, or an especially hairy horse who takes a lot of grooming? You would benefit from looking into the best horse vacuum, so that you can clean your horse or horses quickly and easily, with less than half the effort of the usual brushing.

Although vacuuming horses seems, at first thought, to be a bit of a strange thing to do, it is actually a great idea. As well as removing unwanted hair and dirt, it can really benefit your horse’s coat because the vacuuming encourages the natural oils to travel down the hair shaft rather than being stripped away.

Best Horse Vacuum Reviews

The best horse vacuum can remove dirt, dust and excess hair very quickly and easily and with very little stress (once you’ve got your horse used to the noise and the sensation, that is!) Here are three vacuums that are reliable, good quality and we can recommend them:


Horse Vacuums


Electric Cleaner Co Rapid Groom Heavy-Duty Horse VacuumTOP PICK: Rapid Groom Heavy Duty Horse Vacuum

A powerful horse vacuum for coat shiny and clean.

electro groom horse vacuum reviewElectro Groom Horse Vacuum

A good quality, sturdy, efficient horse vacuum.

Oreck Commercial BB900DGR XL Pro 5 Super Compact Canister Vacuum, 30' Power CordOreck Commercial Cannister Vacuum

A commercial vacuum alternative to horse vacuums.


1. Electric Cleaner Co Rapid Groom Heavy Duty Horse Vacuum Review

Electric Cleaner Co Rapid Groom Heavy-Duty Horse Vacuum

This is a powerful horse vacuum, which removes all sorts of excess hair and parasites and leaves the coat shiny and clean.


  • Powerful two speed motor – This model has a great, strong motor, meaning that it can cope with any amount of debris, dust and other particles that may be in your horse’s coat.
  • 3 wheels for easy transport – You can wheel this baby around all over the place, meaning that you don’t have to lift it. This makes it a great addition to your horses’ grooming kit.
  • Varied speeds for body and for sensitive areas – Using different power settings for the body and for the face and legs is especially important, as some horses don’t like the noise and the power of loud vacuums.
  • 10” crushproof hose – Having anything around horses that is crushproof is very important, as flailing hooves can cause a lot of damage to stable equipment. This one should stand up to even the heaviest of hooves!


  • Bags are not included – You will have to buy the bags separately for this machine, as they do not come with the package.


A fantastic horse vacuum, which will help your horse have the most lustrous coat on the yard! It’s better than normal grooming as it allows the natural oils to stay in the coat, and it prevents dust and particles sticking back onto the hairs and having to be brushed off over and over.


2. Electro Groom Horse Vacuum Review

electro groom horse vacuum review

This hardwearing horse vacuum will give your horse’s coat the most beautiful shine, and remove any loose hairs and dried on mud at the same time.


  • Great for cleaning right down to the skin – This vacuum removes all the dander and flaky skin right at the source, so it improves the effect of the entire coat.
  • Separate motors for sensitive areas – having separate speeds for different areas of the body is very important, especially for nervous horses or those who are particularly funny about certain parts of their bodies.
  • Reusable filter bag – The bag in this unit can be emptied out and so won’t need replacing, saving you a fair bit of money in the long run.
  • Can also be used as a blower – As an added bonus, this vacuum can be reversed and turned into a blower. Handy if you have a pile of leaves outside the stables that need to be gotten rid of!


  • Can be a little cold – For the extra sensitive or nervous horse, this unit may run a little chilly.


This is a good, sturdy, efficient horse vacuum that will remove all the unwanted dust, dirt and hair from your horse’s coat as well as improving the overall condition by making sure the natural oils penetrate the hair shaft.


3. Oreck Commercial BB900DGR XL Pro 5 Super Compact Cannister Vacuum Review

Oreck Commercial BB900DGR XL Pro 5 Super Compact Canister Vacuum, 30' Power Cord

A portable commercial vacuum that can be used for your horse, which has been made in the US with high quality, well made parts that will last for years. This creates great value for money because you won’t have to keep replacing it!


  • Lightweight for ease of use – The fact that this vacuum is easily portable is a big plus; it means that it can be easily moved about and will fit easily into a box to be taken to a show. It also has shoulder straps so it can be picked up and carried about!
  • 11 accessories make it highly versatile – The amount of added extras with this bit of kit means it can be used for just about anything you can possibly imagine.
  • Powerful suction can remove even the smallest particles – Everything from loose hairs to tiny bits of sawdust from the stable bedding can be removed by this powerful vacuum.
  • 4 foot hose and 30 foot cord for convenience – Having a long hose means you can reach all over your horse and find the hard to reach areas, and a long cord means you can plug in your vacuum far enough away from your horse to avoid spooking him.


  • This is a commercial vacuum, not a horse vacuum – This device is marketed as a commercial vacuum, so although it can be used for your horse, it was not specifically designed for that purpose.


A great commercial vacuum at a good price, that is easy and convenient to use with highly powerful suction to make your horse’s coat the shiniest it’s ever been.



Horse vacuums are great. No hard work brushing muddy, dusty coats over and over, no choking on stray hairs – just a simple, smooth vacuuming motion that will remove excess hairs and dust and even worn in mud. Vacuuming will also improve the general condition of your horse’s skin, as it will smooth the natural oils down the hair shaft. It may be actually a better idea than just washing a horse.

Investing in a vacuum will save you lots of time and patience, and will make your horse look the best he’s ever looked! Just have a browse through the products above till you find the ideal one for you and your horse.

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