What Is The Best Horse Grooming Kit On The Market?

If you’re anything like a huge proportion of the horsey world, you have loads of brushes lying around that you have picked up or been given, a million and one hoofpicks and shedding tools in several different places (if only you could remember where they were when you wanted one!) and various other bits and bobs of grooming kit all over the place.

Wouldn’t it be nice though to have a proper grooming kit with everything you need, all in one place? No doubt you have looked at grooming kits online, and you may find yourself a bit spoilt for choice – which one to get?

Best Horse Grooming Kit Reviews

We are here to make this choice a little easier for you, as we have narrowed it down to three of the best horse grooming kits on the market:


Grooming kit


Best for

Oster Equine Care Series 7-Piece Horse Grooming KitOster Equine Care 7 Piece Equine Grooming Kit$$All-rounder
Derby Premium Comfort 9 Item Horse Grooming Kit (Purple/Pink)Darby Premium Comfort 9 Piece Grooming Kit$Young Riders
Weaver Leather Grooming Kit, Black/BeigeWeaver Leather Grooming Kit$Extra Pockets

1. Oster Equine Care 7 Piece Equine Grooming Kit Review

Oster Equine Care Series 7-Piece Horse Grooming Kit

This comprehensive kit contains everything you need to get your horse looking spick and span. With all the usual suspects – dandy brush, body brush, finishing brush, curry comb, mane and tail brush and comb and hoof pick, you will have everything you need right at your fingertips in this handy carry bag.


  • Secure grip handles – Made from control-touch rubber, the handles of these brushes are easy to keep hold of and comfortable in the hand.
  • Easy to transport – The kit comes in a great, compartmentalised carry bag which makes it easy to take it to shows and camping trips, and keeps everything in the right place.
  • Great as a gift or a start-up kit – This set is ideal as a present for a horse lover or for a really good first kit if it’s yourself you are looking to buy a present for.
  • Durable for long-term use – This is not a kit for a season or even just for a year; it will keep going and going due to its hardy design.


  • Lack of color options – If you want to have everything matching, and your color isn’t blue, this may not be the kit for you as blue is the only color it comes in.


This is a fantastic grooming kit for someone who is just starting out, or who wants to take a grooming kit away with them, or someone who wants to keep everything all together in one place. It’s pretty much perfect for any horse owner, as it contains everything you need for a thorough grooming, and it is compact and easy to transport.


2. Darby Premium Comfort 9 Piece Grooming Kit Review

Derby Premium Comfort 9 Item Horse Grooming Kit (Purple/Pink)

This is a great grooming kit for people who are new to the riding scene, or youngsters, because of the great color options and the way the brushes fit easily in the hand. It’s a comprehensive kit, containing a hoof pick, a mane and tail comb, a soft curry, two hard backed brushes with varying bristle lengths, a sweat scraper and a bathing sponge. These tools all come in a convenient carry bag with a padded shoulder strap for easy carrying.


  • Great quality kit – These are good, hardwearing brushes which will last and last through seasons of camps, pony clubs and general day to day use.
  • Brilliant colors! – For someone who wants a set to match their riding colors, or even just one that will stand out at the yard, this is the set for you.
  • Extra storage pockets – With handy added pockets for storing treats, a phone, or other bits and pieces, the bag that comes with this set is really handy.
  • Good value for money – This is a quality, durable kit that won’t cost the earth, so it’s perfect for those on a budget who need a good grooming kit.


  • May not be the highest quality – It has been suggested that this kit is more suitable to beginners, children or part time riders.


If you are looking for a kit that has everything, for a decent price, then this is a really good option. Particularly if you are buying the kit for kids, or if you yourself like really bright colors, then this is the one to go for. There are three color choices to choose from, and all of them contain the same quality brushes.


3. Weaver Leather Grooming Kit Review

Weaver Leather Grooming Kit, Black/Beige

A high quality grooming kit that contains everything you need – a face brush, a coarse curry, a sweat scraper, a mane and tail brush, a comb, a dandy brush and a hoof pick. These brushes are ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in the hand, and make grooming a fun and pleasant experience for all involved.


  • Great tote bag for easy transport – The brushes all come with their own carry bag, making it easy to store them after use and ensure you don’t lose any brushes.
  • Variety of color options – Making it easier to spot your items at shows, camps, or in the tack room, having color coded brushes can make life easier.
  • Extra pockets for extra storage – The bag has added pockets on the outside in which you can carry other brushes, or treats or a camera to capture those exciting moments.
  • Padded shoulder strap for comfort – Just what you need if you’re going to be carrying your grooming kit for any distance. The padded shoulder strap prevents fatigue on the shoulders and back.


  • The hoof pick lets the kit down – Some users have commented that the hoof pick doesn’t have bristles as standard, and some have even claimed that it doesn’t stand up to hard use and broke quickly.


A good quality kit for those who are looking for a hard wearing grooming kit that can be easily transported, and has extra pocket for carrying around those added bits that you never knew you needed!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you choose the best horse grooming kit?

Begin by making a list of exactly what you need in your circumstance. Generally speaking, you’ll need a curry comb, a mud brush, a body brush and a mane and tail comb. You also need a good hoof pick or hoof knife. These are just the basics, and you will want to choose other specific items depending on your particular circumstances.

2. Why do horse brushes have different kinds of bristles?

Different length, thickness and material for brush bristles determine the purpose of the brush. If your horse tends to roll in the mud, you’ll need a mud brush with short, thick, stiff bristles to brush it off.

A brush with medium length, slightly stiff bristles is very good for sweeping away surface dirt after you have curried your horse. Your finishing brush should have shorter, softer bristles.

Brushes with stiff bristles should only be used on the body. Soft bristled brushes can be used on the legs and face.

3. Which is better, synthetic bristles or natural bristles?

Your choice in bristle material depends on your purpose. Natural bristles are very dense and soft. A natural bristle brush is usually a little more expensive, and may need more careful care than a synthetic brush.

A synthetic bristle brush is typically stiffer and can be used for cleaning dirt off your horse’s body, but shouldn’t be used on sensitive areas such as legs and face. A brush with synthetic bristles makes a good tool to use when bathing your horse.

4. How do you take care of horse grooming tools?

Just as with your own hair brush and comb, you should clean your grooming materials regularly. After grooming your horse, use the comb to brush the loose hair out of the brush. About once a week, wash your grooming materials with warm water and soap and allow them to air dry.

TIP: Rubber curry combs and 100% synthetic brushes can be tossed into the wash with a load of old towels for a thorough cleaning. Be sure to remove hair and clumps of dirt first!

5. Which is better, a metal curry comb or a rubber curry comb?

These two tools are used differently. A metal curry comb is good for brushing away dried mud. It should only be used on your horse’s body over areas that are well padded by fat and muscle, not on the legs or face. It should also only be used to brush in the direction the hair is growing.

If you want to massage your horse or brush in a circular manner, choose a rubber curry comb. Don’t use either curry comb on your horse’s legs or face or any other thin-skinned, sensitive area.

6. What’s the best kind of brush for a horse with sensitive skin?

If you have a horse whose skin is very sensitive or who is frightened of being groomed, choose only very soft brushes and proceed with caution. In some cases, a grooming glove is your best choice with a horse who has sensitive skin or a fear of grooming. Use old, soft hand towels or kitchen towels to clean a sensitive horse’s face and polish his coat.

7. What’s the best kind of mane comb?

Choose a mane comb that has widely spaced, sturdy teeth. Look for a one piece, molded metal main comb as this will last forever. A solid metal mane comb can be sterilized in boiling water if necessary. If you’re not able to find or afford one, a heavy duty plastic mane comb will do, but it will eventually break, and it cannot be thoroughly sterilized.

8. What’s the best hoof pick?

There are quite a few different choices in hoof picks, and most are good. Choose one that you can handle and manipulate easily when working on your horse’s hooves. As with mane combs, a hoof pick that is made from a single piece of solid galvanized metal will last forever and can be sterilized with boiling water. Avoid hoof picks that are excessively sharp as you can do serious damage to the sole of your horse’s hoof with a very sharp implement.

9. Why is it important to be able to sterilize grooming tools?

It’s smart to have a separate grooming kit for each equine in your care to avoid spreading germs and parasites. Even when you do, there may be times when a horse picks up a fungal infection or some other problem and you’ll need to sterilize his grooming equipment (or start all over with new equipment) to avoid a repeat infection or infestation. This is especially true with hoof picks as a horse may have a bacterial or fungal infection that can be spread or repeated endlessly by a contaminated pick.

10. How can you buy grooming brushes and tools on a budget?

If your budget is very limited, keep it simple and make temporary substitutions. For example, you might find a heavy duty, inexpensive comb and usable scrub brushes at a dollar store. In a pinch, you can use an old butter knife (not a sharp knife) as a hoof pick.

Understand that these are just temporary options as you save up to buy the best quality genuine horse grooming tools you can afford. Build your collection one piece at a time to create a permanent, high quality horse grooming kit.

This video gives good advice for choosing basic grooming brushes.


A good grooming kit is a rider’s best friend. Grooming is not only functional part of horse care, to keep your best friend looking, well, their best, but it’s also an amazing bonding exercise. There is very little in life that is nicer than brushing a horse, watching their coat and their eyes shine as they enjoy that contact with you and you with them. Therefore, a good grooming kit is a really essential piece of kit.

For a comprehensive, well stocked kit bag, choose the Oster Equine Care 7 Piece Equine Grooming Kit. If you want a little more color in your grooming kit, go for the Darby Premium Comfort 9 Piece Grooming Kit. If you need a good quality kit in a bag with extra pockets, try the Weaver Leather Grooming Kit.

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  1. Put it this way. Give me one that has all that I need for a typical grooming job and it can all be stored in one place and I am sold! All 3 of these horse grooming products seem to do just that. Major bonus!


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