How To Choose The Best Roping Gloves?

Roping is hard on your hands, there’s no doubt about that. You need something strong and sturdy to protect the soft skin of your hands and fingers from rope burns, chafing and blisters, and the best way to do this is to use the best roping gloves.

Roping gloves are different from normal riding gloves in that they are designed for tough work and so will stand up to the roughness of a lasso rope, even when it slides though your hands or you have to pull on it hard. They should also allow you to have a good feel of the rope, so they shouldn’t be too thick or bulky.

Best Roping Gloves Reviews

Without further ado, let’s have a look at three of the best roping gloves that we could find.


Roping Gloves


Noble Outfitters True Flex Roping GloveTOP PICK: Noble Outfitters Roping Gloves

This is a great set of roping gloves, in a pack of 12.

Classic Equine Roping Glove 12-Pack LargeClassic Cotton Roping Gloves

Little gloves, comfortable and functional.

Heritage ProGrip Roping Glove (12 Pack)Heritage ProGrip Roping Gloves

Great gloves, professional and comfortable.


1. Noble Outfitters Men’s True Flex Roping Gloves Review

Noble Outfitters True Flex Roping Glove

These eye catching gloves will make your roping career far more comfortable. Designed with the roper in mind, they feature many things that will make your life easier.


  • Constructed from a blend of nylon, cotton and rubber – These materials are all strong and durable, and will stand up to a fair amount of abuse. They will keep your hands safe from rope burns while remaining comfortable.
  • Patented Knuckle Kit construction – This clever design feature will reduce the bulk around the knuckles and the palm, making it easier for you to use these gloves for what they were intended.
  • Fabric allows close contact of the rope – It’s no good having massively bulky roping gloves so you can’t feel the rope. These ones allow you to get a good grip of the rope, without being to thick so you can’t feel it.
  • Official glove of the World Series of Team Roping – This is a pretty serious accolade, and should help you see that this truly is a great roping glove – it’s used by the professionals, so it must be good!


  • Sizes run on the small side – It’s advisable to buy these gloves in a size or two larger than you normally would, as they err on the small side.


This is a great set of roping gloves. They can be used on the right or left hand, and they come in a pack of 12, so you don’t have to worry about losing a couple!


2. Classic Cotton Roping Gloves Review

Classic Equine Roping Glove 12-Pack Large

These little gloves will become a staple in your tack box. Comfortable and functional, they will make your roping days far more comfortable!


  • Made from synthetic, high tech fibres – This glove’s construction is synthetic, meaning that it has a bit more strength than a traditional glove which may be just cotton.
  • Offers a snug, stretch fit – The fact that these gloves fit your hands like, well, a glove, makes them even more desirable for roping. This means there won’t be any excess fabric to cause blisters when dallying.
  • Strong and sturdy fabric stands up to hard work – You won’t have to worry about these gloves getting holes, or stretching – they are designed to be strong enough to cope with the rigorous demands of roping.
  • Comes in a pack of 12 – This makes these gloves highly convenient – if you lose one, or one gets damaged, simply take another from the pack! No need to wait around while a replacement gets sent.


  • More suitable for beginners than a pro – These gloves are great, there’s no doubt about it, but some users feel that they lack some features which make them suitable for people who are roping on a daily basis.


These snug gloves will help you in your roping by making sure your hands are protected from chafing and rope burns, and you should find them strong enough to use as often as you like. They can also be easily washed for convenience.


3. Heritage ProGrip Roping Gloves Review

Heritage ProGrip Roping Glove (12 Pack)

This is a serious roping glove. Designed with the keen roper in mind, it features great materials, good finger dexterity and a comfortable fit.


  • Speciality materials last up to 10 times longer than a standard cotton glove – The fabric of these gloves is designed for longevity. They will put up with hours and hours of roping, and still be as good as new.
  • Secure knit cuff which is longer than most – This extra length in the cuff affords a lot of comfort, and will prevent the glove slipping down your hand when you need it to be secure.
  • Offers a superior rope feel – These gloves are thin enough to allow a good contact with the rope, yet strong enough to cope with sliding and pulling. They are not bulky in the hand, which is ideal for roping.
  • Tested and approved by professionals – The fact that professional ropers have endorsed this glove is another big plus point for it; you can be sure that it has stood up to the tests and is considered a good glove.


  • They are on the pricey side – Some people resent paying for just one glove when you can buy several gloves or multi packs for the same price. However, as we all know you do have to pay for quality!


These are great gloves, highly professional and comfortable, and you should find that they protect your hands and make your roping career even more enjoyable.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are roping gloves for?

Good roping gloves are intended to protect your hands during roping. Without them, the friction of the rope running through your hands would cause severe chafing, rope burns, blisters and abrasions.

What are roping gloves made of?

The least expensive and most common roping gloves are made of pure cotton. There are slightly more expensive and longer lasting ones that are made of synthetic fibers. Working cowboys may also use leather gloves as roping gloves.

Why do working cowboys like to use leather roping gloves?

Multipurpose, high quality leather gloves act as protection against all sorts of threats such as hot branding irons, prickly brush, barbs on barbed wire and rope burns when roping.

What are cowboys’ leather gloves made of?

Most working cowboys like a flexible, soft leather that is also durable. Deerskin seems to be the favorite.

Can you use leather gloves for roping?

Some very fine ropers do use leather. This is especially true of those who tend to feed the rope out a great deal. This means the rope is running through the rider’s hand at a rapid rate. This action needs a very sturdy and flexible material, such as leather. Some top ropers prefer a glove that has a suede palm.

Do you wear roping gloves on both hands?

No, you should just wear one roping glove on your dominant hand.

What is the most common roping injury?

Ropers may suffer from an injury known as rodeo thumb. This is a traumatic amputation that occurs while participating in team roping. This happens while the roper is dallying the rope and a coil becomes wrapped around the roper’s thumb. This causes the thumb to be pinched against the saddle horn resulting in amputation.

Can you use roping gloves as riding gloves?

You could do so, but it would look a little odd and wouldn’t really be correct. A roping glove is designed to withstand friction caused by a rough, harsh lasso rope sliding through your hands. Riding gloves are quite thin and are intended to simply protect your skin while still allowing you good contact with your horse.

Why do roping gloves come in bundles?

Because you only use one roping glove at a time, and you only use it for a few forays into the arena, roping gloves typically come in bundles of twelve or twenty-four. The least expensive are fairly disposable. These are the ones that you will find bundled. More expensive types may typically come as single gloves or as a pair.


A good roping glove can make the difference between having a fun time, and coming home covered in blisters and rope burns. The best roping gloves will make you fall in love with breakway roping all over again! They need to be comfortable as well as protective, and you should look for gloves that don’t allow any ruching of fabric that can cause rubbing. Hopefully you can choose your new favorite glove from the list above.

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