What Are The Symptoms Of Acorn Toxicity

Can Horses Eat Acorns {Explained!}

Acorns can be good food for some animals, but this is not true for most livestock. Ruminants, such as goats, sheep and cattle are badly affected by eating acorns. Horses, donkeys and other equines also experience negative effects when large amounts of acorns are consumed. Acorns contain a significant amount of gallic and tannic acid, … Read more

How Do You Prepare Fruits And Veggies For Your Horse?

What Fruits And Veggies Can Horses Eat?

If you’re going to feed your horses treats, natural fruits and vegetables are the best treats to give. Even so, it’s not smart to overfeed treats. Remember that horses have very delicate digestive systems and anything excessive or unusual can lead to serious problems such as colic and laminitis. In this article, we discuss the … Read more

How Do You Soak Beet Pulp

The Pros And Cons Of Feeding Beet Pulp To Horses

Beet pulp is the fibrous material that’s left over after the vast majority of sugar is taken out of sugar beets. This byproduct of sugar beet processing is an excellent digestible fiber supplement for horses and is a smart addition to almost any horse’s diet. In this article, we discuss the many pros and few … Read more

How Much Clean Water Does A Horse Need

How To Keep A Horse Water Trough Clean?

Clean water is essential for all living beings, and horses need a great deal of clean water. How can you keep your horse trough clean? In this article, we share important tips to help you provide your horse with plenty of clean water easily. Read on to learn more. How Much Clean Water Does A … Read more

How Can You Keep Your Horse Well-Hydrated

How Much Water Do Horses Need?

Water is life and all animals, horses included, cannot survive and thrive without free access to clean drinking water. Proper hydration is essential to every bodily function including respiration, digestion, thought, reproduction, lactation and more. So how much water does a horse drink a day? In this article we discuss the importance of providing your … Read more

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