How To Prepare For And Excel At Barrel Racing?

How Much Clean Water Does A Horse Need

How To Keep A Horse Water Trough Clean?

Clean water is essential for all living beings, and horses need a great deal of clean water. How can you keep your horse trough clean? In this article, we share important tips to help you provide your horse with plenty of clean water easily. Read on to learn more. How Much Clean Water Does A … Read more

horse coat colors

Horse Coat Colors, Patterns And Markings

The topic of horses coat colors markings and patterns is extremely vast. Even very experienced horse men and women continue to learn more and more about the nuance of this topic with the passage of time and experience. In this article, we provide a brief overview of horse coat colors, patterns and markings along with … Read more

How Can You Keep Your Horse Well-Hydrated

How Much Water Do Horses Need?

Water is life and all animals, horses included, cannot survive and thrive without free access to clean drinking water. Proper hydration is essential to every bodily function including respiration, digestion, thought, reproduction, lactation and more. So how much water does a horse drink a day? In this article we discuss the importance of providing your … Read more

horse trail riding

7 Tips For First-time Horseback Trail Riders

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely thinking of going horse trail riding for the first time. Now you probably are nervous and feel butterflies all over your stomach. This is normal for many people and there’s no need to feel ashamed. However, you cannot let these emotions take the better of you. If you … Read more

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