Can A Horse With Navicular Be Ridden?

navicular syndrome in horses q&a

Can A Horse With Navicular Be Ridden?

The complex condition known as navicular syndrome is a common one among horses, donkeys and mules. There are a number of different treatments recommended for this condition, and it is difficult to understand why some work better than others. Good knowledge of horse hoof anatomy is very helpful in determining the cause of navicular syndrome … Read more

do wild horses have hooves

How Do Wild Horses Trim Their Hooves?

Hoof care is a big responsibility for horse owners, and many wonder how horses in the wild are able to manage without regular visits from a farrier. In this article, we explore some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding hoof care for wild and domestic horses. So how do wild horses trim their hooves? … Read more

what does it mean when a horse yawns

What Does It Mean When A Horse Yawns?

What does it mean when a horse yawns? Just like people, horses often yawn when they are tired; however, this is not the only reason they yawn. A horse may yawn because of: Stomach trouble Physical pain Discomfort Insecurity …among other reasons! In this article, we explore the reasons why your horse may yawn. Read … Read more

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