Horse Racing: What Equine Lovers Should Know About This Sport

horse expressions and what they mean

Horse Expressions And What They Mean

These days, many people seem to think of horses as vehicles rather than as living beings. The fact is, the difference between a great horse man or woman and a poor one is the ability to communicate with your horse and to understand what your horses saying to you. Horses communicate through a complex combination … Read more

How Do You Prepare Fruits And Veggies For Your Horse?

What Fruits And Veggies Can Horses Eat?

If you’re going to feed your horses treats, natural fruits and vegetables are the best treats to give. Even so, it’s not smart to overfeed treats. Remember that horses have very delicate digestive systems and anything excessive or unusual can lead to serious problems such as colic and laminitis. In this article, we discuss the … Read more

how does horse betting work

How Does Horse Betting Work?

You can have lots of fun at the horse races, but betting can be a bit complex. In this article, we share the basics of betting on the horses and provide sound advice on picking winners and placing good bets. Read on to learn more. What Are The Types Of Bets In Horse Racing? Basically, … Read more


Arabian Horse Vs Quarter Horse Vs Thoroughbred

Lots of horses share common ancestry, or have been crossed together over the years to create the breeds we know and love today. There are many similarities between these three horses – have a read through Arabian vs Quarter Horse vs Thoroughbred to see which one would suit you the best. History The Arabian is … Read more

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