Tennessee Walking Horse Vs American Saddlebred {Side By Side}

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How To Teach A Horse To Side Pass?

If you just ride casually for pleasure you may not know what the side pass (a.k.a.: full pass) is, and/or you may believe that it’s something you don’t need to know about; however, this is not true. Side passing, in which your horse moves directly to one side or the other in response to your … Read more

How Important Is Riding Skill In Teaching The Flying Lead Change?

How To Teach Flying Lead Changes?

If you’re serious about advancing in any one of the major horseback riding disciplines such as working cattle, barrel racing, reining, jumping, hunting and dressage, you and your horse must be fully comfortable and masterful at flying lead changes. What is the flying lead change, and how can you and your horse go about learning … Read more

rain rot in horses

Rain Rot In Horses {Home Remedies}

Rain rot in horses is a bacterial skin disease that is caused by the bacteria known as Dermatophilus congolensis. It manifests as groups of crusty scabs that peel off and leave unsightly bare patches on the skin. This bacterial infection is caused by exposure to rain and usually appears along the horse’s topline head and … Read more

separation anxiety in horses

What To Do About Separation Anxiety In Horses?

If your horse becomes anxious and stressed whenever he is kept apart from other horses, he may be suffering from separation anxiety. When this happens, your horse may nicker loudly and become difficult to handle. Most horses become a little bit anxious when they are kept apart from other horses, but those that are suffering … Read more

how to become a horse vet

How To Become A Horse Doctor Or Equine Veterinarian?

Equine veterinarians are fully qualified vets who specialize in treating horses, donkeys, mules and perhaps other equines (e.g. zebras). A horse veterinarian’s duties can be challenging because they involve traveling from place to place to see patients, working in less than optimal conditions and dealing with large animals (and their owners) who may be under … Read more

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