cancer in horses

What You Should Know About Cancer In Horses?

When a horse gets cancer, it is a sign that the normal mechanisms of its cell growth have changed and that the cells have proliferated in a manner that is unchecked and disorganized. This process forms cell masses that disrupt a horse’s body’s normal functioning and development. If a cancerous growth develops deep inside the … Read more

can a farrier cause laminitis

Can A Farrier Cause Laminitis?

Bad farrier work can certainly injure your horse’s hooves, and that’s why it’s important to only engage the services of a well-trained, qualified farrier who is certified by an accredited institution. Laminitis is a painful hoof disease that can cripple a horse. It is caused by a number of factors, but none of them are … Read more

Does Your Horse Have A Fever

What To Do When Your Horse Is Coughing?

Just as with people, horses may cough for a wide variety of reasons. Some are serious and some are benign. Do you need to call your vet every time your horse coughs? In this article we explore the phenomenon of coughing in horses and provide sound information to help you determine why your horse is … Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Need In A Horse First Aid Kit?

Horses can be rather accident prone, and horse-involved human injuries are common among equestrians. That’s why it is very smart to keep a complete first aid kit in your barn and have another, smaller kit to take along when you ride. In this article, we present horse first aid kit checklists for both, along with … Read more

Is Strangles Always Fatal

Is Horse Strangles Life Threatening?

Strangles is a very contagious horse disease that is caused by the bacteria, Streptococcus equi. Unless you are vigilant, it can get out of control very quickly and cause problems for multiple equines. Luckily, good management and sharp observation of your horses are effective defenses against this horse illness. So is horse strangles life threatening? … Read more

How Common Are Intestinal Parasites In Horses

How Often Should You Worm A Horse?

There are as many different theories of horse deworming as there are horsemen and equine veterinarians. There are also a great many different types of internal parasites. It’s no wonder that the deworming process can seem confusing. In this article, we explore the topic of equine deworming and provide good advice on how and when … Read more

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