heaves in horses

What You Need To Know About Heaves In Horses

If you’ve been hearing your horse cough in his stall, you may have concluded that it was dust making him cough. You may not have realized how very serious this can be. Even though mold, pollen, dust and other allergens can make people cough without serious repercussions, the fact is when horses have this response … Read more

rain rot in horses home remedies

Home Remedies For Rain Rot In Horses

Rain rot in horses is a bacterial skin disease that is caused by the bacteria known as Dermatophilus congolensis. It manifests as groups of crusty scabs that peel off and leave unsightly bare patches on the skin. This bacterial infection is caused by exposure to rain and usually appears along the horse’s topline head and … Read more

cbd oil for horses

Important Information About CBD Oil For Horses

Cannabinoids (CBD) are substances which can be sourced from medicinal hemp plants. The hemp plant contains more than a hundred different sorts of cannabinoids, and all of them have beneficial health properties. Hemp plants also contain compounds known as terpenes. These compounds can be found in fruit and some herbs also. Terpenes are responsible for … Read more

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