What Is The Best Horse Riding Bra On The Market?

A good bra is essential in day to day life to prevent back pain, shoulder ache and give you good posture. A good bra is ABSOLUTELY essential in horseriding because of the motion of the horse, which can cause pain if you are not wearing a correctly fitting, well supported bra.

For the larger busted ladies among us, this pain can be unbearable, and can make riding at anything faster than a walk very uncomfortable. Even at an ambling walk you would be surprised at how much extra motion there is, and as for a headlong gallop – well, let’s just say you really do need a good bra. (And we won’t even mention the sitting trot.)

Best Horse Riding Bra Reviews

But which is the best horseriding bra to go for? You will find that there are a lot of retailers trying to sell you one, and you would be forgiven for being overwhelmed with choice! To help you in your decision, here are three of the best, tried and tested by myself. 🙂




SYROKAN Women's High Impact Support Wirefree Workout Racerback Sports Bra Top Multicoloured #4 SSyrokan High Impact Support

A great bra that will support you through your longest trails.

Cheata Trotter Bra Large Black/GrayTOP PICK: Cheata Trotter Bra

A perfect bra for hard riding, and for the bigger busted rider.

Neuvera Boobuddy Premium Adjustable High-Impact Breast Support Band Sports Bra Alternative, Gold EditionBoobuddy Adjustable High Impact Bra

A support bra that is medically designed to keep you stable.


1. Syrokan High Impact Support Wireless Mesh Racerback Review

SYROKAN Women's High Impact Support Wirefree Workout Racerback Sports Bra Top Multicoloured #4 S

This is a fantastically supportive sports-type bra, ideal for horse riding due to its strength and comfort. It is wireless, so you won’t have to worry about painful spiky bits coming loose and jabbing your skin. The racer back style allows complete freedom of movement and is perfect for any style of riding you take part in.


  • Mesh for targeted ventilation – Having mesh makes a garment more breathable, and this one has mesh in the most, ahem, sweaty places, meaning that you will stay comfortable without getting overheated.
  • Slight padding across the breast – This offers extra protection for your most sensitive areas in case of any knocks. Some people don’t like the extra padding, but it is for protection rather than any cosmetic value.
  • Helps to spread the weight across your back – Carrying any heavy weight in front can make your back sore, even if these weights are attached to you! Spreading out the load can prevent aches and pains from a long ride the following day.
  • Polyamide and spandex construction – This stretchy fabric really lends itself to bras designed for activity, as it is supportive while also being flexible enough that you can move comfortably.


  • Sizes run a bit small – Best to order on the large size, especially if you know you are already on the bigger end of the scale and need a bit of extra support.


A great bra for horseriding, this one will support you through your longest trails and most hair raising rides. You won’t get too hot in it, and you will really notice the difference by the end of the day.


2. Cheata Trotter Bra Review

Cheata Trotter Bra Large Black/Gray

This one looks like more of a top than a bra, but it offers amazing support due to the underlying structure. Even at a sitting trot, you won’t notice any uncomfortable bouncing about!


  • Offers the stability of layering 2-3 sports bras – This is just what you need if you have a particularly bouncy mount, or if you are out on a very long ride.
  • Really helps with posture – Especially for the larger lady, having good support can help you hold yourself tall and feel comfortable, while spreading out the support will really help your back muscles.
  • Can reduce your outline – Especially for showing, being able to see your horse’s ears is very handy! This bra will help reduce what you were born with to a more manageable size – and also means your shirts will fit better.
  • Will not stretch or break down from repeated wearing – Unlike some bras, this one will not stretch out or become saggy no matter how often you wear it, meaning that it will support you for years to come.


  • It takes a bit of time to get into – Because it is SO supportive, it can be a bit tricky to get on and off the first few times. Persevere, it’s worth it!


This is the perfect bra for hard riding, and for the bigger busted rider. It has a lot of support, and the low positioning of the under band makes it very comfortable and easy to adjust before and during a ride.


3. Boobuddy Adjustable High Impact Review

Neuvera Boobuddy Premium Adjustable High-Impact Breast Support Band Sports Bra Alternative, Gold Edition

This is a horseriding bra with a bit of a difference. It looks quite unusual compared to some others, but be assured that it will do the job of containing you and preventing pain, ligament damage and other injury.


  • Designed for medical support – This bra was first made to support breast augmentation and other surgeries, so it is based in the ultimate supportive foundations. This means you can be sure of its credentials as a really good bra.
  • Reduces vertical and lateral movement – While some bras only stop up and down movement, this one will also help reduce side to side movement as well – perfect for those spooky moments!
  • Nylon, Elastomer and Polyester construction – These fabrics are all stretchy, meaning that they will support you as well as move with your body and be comfortable.
  • Easy sizing guide – Unlike some bras which seem to need a degree in physics to work out what size you need, this one is based on dress size, making it easy to figure out which size would suit you best.


  • Sizes run on the large size – It is best to order smaller than you normally would, to avoid having the bra ride up into your armpits and be uncomfortable.


A bra that is medically designed to support and keep you stable while riding? That gets our vote! Added to the fact that it is an unusual, attractive design makes this one a good purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do you need a horse riding bra?

Even though you are seated during horseback riding, the sport is considered a high impact activity. Riding the seated trot and the canter generates a great deal of vertical breast movement that can cause wear and tear on the delicate ligaments and tissues of the breasts. Without good support, this can cause serious pain and result in irreparable sagging and damage.

2. Which gaits cause the most vertical breast movement?

Riding the sitting trot and the canter can cause a great deal of painful breast movement, especially for large breasted women.

3. Will wearing a sports bra or equestrian bra stop breast damage?

According to sports scientists, sports bras and equestrian bras can help reduce vertical breast movement by as much is 80%, but everyday bras only reduce it by a little under 40%.

4. What other benefits does wearing an equestrian bra bring?

Wearing appropriate clothing for riding always has a positive impact on your performance. If you are wearing correctly supportive clothing and are comfortable and not distracted, your horse will sense it.

Your own comfort reflects in your horse’s comfort and helps both of you perform better.

Additionally, you’ll look better with proper support, and this is very important in competitive situations. You want to present an elegant, dignified silhouette, not a comical one.

5. What’s the difference between an equestrian bra and a regular sports bra?

While horse riding bras and sports bras are similar, a good equestrian bra has a few special features that make it perfectly suitable for providing support during horseback riding. These features include chafe free soft suede linings, wide shoulder straps and easy open front hook closures for on-the-go adjustments.

6. What style of sports bra is best for horseback riding?

Your choice in equestrian bra or sports bra depends a great deal on the appearance you prefer. If you want to have a tailored, streamlined appearance, you’ll choose a bra that compresses and flattens your breast tissue. If you’d like to present a defined shape, you’ll choose a bra that cups each breast individually.

7. Which style of bra provides the most support?

Generally speaking, sport and horse riding bras that provide more coverage will also provide more support. Additionally, you must be careful to choose a bra with a wide, firmly fitting band that will stay in place as you move. This is an important aspect of support.

8. What type of shoulder straps are best in a horse riding bra?

Wider straps provide more stability. Additionally, racer-back style straps stay in place and can also help improve your posture.

9. How important is fit?

Choosing an equestrian bra that fits perfectly is absolutely essential for good support and comfort. If your horse riding bra does not fit correctly, you could actually experience musculoskeletal damage.

A badly fitted bra can cause poor posture, chafing and even bruising and furrows over the shoulders due to pressure from poorly fitted straps. Be sure to measure carefully when choosing bra size.

10. How do you measure correctly for a horse riding bra?

This video demonstrates the basics of measuring for a sports or horse riding bra:

There’s really more to getting a perfect fit than just measuring, though. When purchasing an equestrian bra, it’s best to consult a professional because the fit will be somewhat different than that of your every day bra.

Go to a high-end tack and riding wear shop to be properly measured by a knowledgeable salesperson. This type of measurement will take your basic measurements into account, along with the density and shape of your breasts as well as the point at which they exit the chest wall.

A knowledgeable clerk will be familiar with the various brands of riding bras that come from all around the world.

Depending upon the source, these specialty bras may be sized differently, so it pays to be professionally measured and to benefit from a consultation of someone who can put you in the right direction for your first purchase of an equestrian bra.

Armed with the knowledge you will gain, you can purchase subsequent bras online.


A good bra can turn your rides from being uncomfortable, during and after, to being a pleasure. It’s no good getting off your horse and feeling any more pain than you have to, so making sure you have good chest support is as essential as having a warm jacket in the winter or comfortable riding breeches. Invest a few pennies in a really good, supportive bra for riding – you will be so happy that you did.

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