cbd oil for horses

Important Information About CBD Oil For Horses

Cannabinoids (CBD) are substances which can be sourced from medicinal hemp plants. The hemp plant contains more than a hundred different sorts of cannabinoids, and all of them have beneficial health properties. Hemp plants also contain compounds known as terpenes. These compounds can be found in fruit and some herbs also. Terpenes are responsible for … Read more

What causes diarrhea in horses

Summer Sores In Horses: Frequently Asked Questions

What are summer sores? These painful sores are caused by parasite infestation and appear, as the common name indicates, during the warm summer months. You may also hear summer sores referred to as: Granular dermatitis Habronemiasis Summer itch Sweet itch Jack sores By any name, if left untreated, summer sores can cause severe problems. Read … Read more

What Should You Do If Your Vet Refuses To Write You A Prescription

How To Become A Horse Doctor Or Equine Veterinarian

Equine veterinarians are fully qualified vets who specialize in treating horses, donkeys, mules and perhaps other equines (e.g. zebras). A horse veterinarian’s duties can be challenging because they involve traveling from place to place to see patients, working in less than optimal conditions and dealing with large animals (and their owners) who may be under … Read more

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